Planning Board Minutes 6/5/17

TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                                     JUNE 5, 2017, 7:00 PM

PLANNING BOARD MEETING                                                LIMERICK, N.Y.




PRESENT:         Gary Beasley, Norm Peckham, Mike Parks, Mark Kellar, Bart Biondolillo, Ron

McGregor, Tim Cerow, Atty. Mark Gebo  and June McCartin.


ABSENT:         No one



  1. John Stean 2 lot subdivision CR59S

At 7:01 PM, Chairman Gary Beasley read the legal notice to open the public

hearing on an application filed by John Stean to subdivide 151.8 acres into two

lots located off CR 59S.  No comments, hearing closed at 7:02PM.


MINUTES:       Minutes for May meeting accepted with motion from Ron McGregor and

seconded by Bart Biodolillo.  Agreed.


CORRESP.       1. Received Jefferson County Planning Board recommendations for the proposed

Wind Energy Local Law for the Town of Brownville.



  1. John Stean Subdivsion

With application complete, Ron McGregor motioned

for a neg. declaration and Norm Peckham seconded the motion.  Agreed.

Michael Parks motioned approval of the application as submitted and Mark

Kellar seconded the motion.  Agreed.




  1. Robert Spencer – two residents on one parcel – CR59

Situation addressed before the meeting with the Spencers and Ron McGregor.

Kitchen must be removed and new septic system installed.

  1. Raymona Donaghy subdivision – 2 lots – NYS Rt. 12

Application filed to divide 7.692 acres into two lots located off NYS Rte 12.

Mark Kellar motioned for a public hearing on the application for July 10, 2017

at 7:00 PM and Tim Cerow seconded the motion.

  1. Shirley Savage Subdivision – CR 54 – 2 lots

Application filed by Shirley Savage to divide 297.5 acres into two lots located

off CR 54.  Seqr not included with application and must be submitted before

public hearing. Tim Cerow motioned for a public hearing to be held July 10,

2017 at 7:05 PM and Norm Peckham seconded the motion. Agreed.



REPORTS:        Received Ron’s monthly report of permits issued.



DISCUSSION: 1.   Wind Power Regulations for proposed local law public hearing to be held

June 7. 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Town Board Meeting.



Next meeting will be at 7:00 PM on July 10, 2017.  Norm Peckham motioned

to adjourn at 7:38 PM and Tim Cerow seconded the motion.   Agreed.



Respectfully Submitted,


June McCartin