town board minutes june 7, 2017

TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                   JUNE 7, 2017 7:00 PM

TOWN BOARD MEETING                                     TOWN OFFICE, LIMERICK, N.Y.



PRESENT:  Roll call of Board Members:

Supv. Richard D. Lane, Kenneth Bates, Ronald Tepfenhart, Richard

Dodge, Albert Roberts, Wayne Flath, Atty. Mark Gebo and June


Several interested tax payers were in attendance.  List attached.


ABSENT:     No one


MINUTES:   Motion from Councilman Dodge to accept the May minutes as     

received and Councilman Roberts seconded the motion.  Agreed.



STATEMENT: Councilman Bates motioned acceptance of the financial statement for

April, 2017 and Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  Agreed.


PUBLIC HEARINGS: Proposed Local Law #3 of 2017 –  Wind Energy Rules and


At 7:02 PM the legal notice was read to open the hearing for

public comment.  Atty. Mark Gebo was present to address and

answer any questions or concerns.

  1. Laurie Quencer, NYS Rte 180 inquired if the law was to regulate private wind

towers or commercial wind towers and if the town currently has a law for wind

energy projects.  The town does not currently have laws to cover wind energy

project.  She inquired as to any Board Member benefiting from this local law.

No Board Member does.  She has concerns that the depth needed to install

these towers could jeopardize  her wells and water supply.  She does not

support the placement of large wind towers other than private individual


  1. Question as to impact on the Watertown Airport by wind energy towers.
  2. Bob Zehr questions concerns for waterfowl, bats and wild life. A study would

be done per application.

  1. Kathy Boyanski stated she thinks this implementation of wind energy rules and

regulations is a good step for the town to consider.

  1. Could the adjoining towns have combined efforts and agree upon one

combined law for several towns?

  1. Gunther Schaller feels the 1500 foot setback for towers is weak.
  2. Irene Sullivan asked if local residents would have input on applications from

Companies to install wind energy.  With companies needing approval by

Article X controlled by Albany, this makes it harder to get approval for a


  1. Bob Zehr asked if there is a public vote in the process and if there is any

financial benefit to the Town and its residents.  If the company goes out of

business a bond is in place to insure dismantling of the towers.

Hearing closed at 7:23PM.





  1. May 12, 2017 letter from Dept.  of Taxation and Finance with

notice of 2016 Cyclical Aid Certification

  1. Received and read an update from BCA on WD#2.


  1. None



  1. Planning Board Minutes for May.
  2. Ron’s monthly land use reports
  3. Copy of tonnage of refuse and recyclables
  4. Copy of report from Dog Control Officer




  1. Councilman Dodge motioned for Supervisor Lane to execute

an IMA with the Village of Dexter for services and provision of

water for WD#2.  Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.




  1.   With the County Planning Boards recommendations of small

changes such as typo errors, the Board finds the small changes

to Local Law #3 are insignificant.  Councilman Tepfenhart

motioned to adopt the proposed local law for regulations for

wind energy and Councilman Dodge seconded the motion.  All



HIGHWAY SUPT:       Supt. Wayne Flath reports the crew has been hauling large

materials for the County Highway and also hauling sand bags to

the  PP Fire Hall.  B. Adams road paving has been completed

and town cemetery fences have been installed.



CLERK:                   Councilman Bates motioned to accept the monthly clerk

report as  provided and Councilman Dodge seconded the

motion. Agreed.



COUNCILMEN:     Councilman Dodge noted the Highway Crew did a great job on

the B. Adams Road and also with the ongoing cleanup from the

high water around Pillar Point.



  1. Supervisor Lane reports the adjoining property to the town office

parking lot has been offered for purchase to the Town.

Councilman Roberts motioned for the Supervisor to pursue the

offer and Councilman Bates seconded the motion.  Agreed.





HIGHWAY BILLS:  Board Members reviewed the payables.  Councilman Bates

motioned to pay the General Bills ($26.833.69),  the Highway

bills ($55,884.26) and the water bills ($701.69).  Councilman

Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  Agreed.



FLOOR:                     Kathy Boyanski inquired as for the need for Cemetery Fences.

The town is replacing old existing fences.


ADJOURNMENT:  Councilman Bates motioned to adjourn at 7:57 PM and

Councilman Roberts seconded the motion.  The next town board

meeting has been scheduled for 7:00 PM on  July 5, 2017.


Respectfully Submitted


June  McCartin

Town Clerk