Planning Board Minutes June 3, 2019

TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                     JUNE 3, 2019  7:00 PM



PRESENT: Gary Beasley, Ron McGregor, Mike Parks, Norm Peckham, Mark Kellar,

Tim Cerow, Jeff Timerman and June McCartin

Bart Biondolillo




PUBLIC HEARING: Netto Subdivision

  1. Chairman Gary Beasley read the public notice to open the hearing at 7:03 PM.  No one spoke for or against the application. The hearing closed at 7:05 PM.


MINUTES:     Ron McGregor motioned to accept the minutes of May 6, 2019 and Jeff

Timerman  seconded the motion.  Agreed.


CORRESP.     None



BUSINESS:   1. Netto Subdivision

No comments at the hearing.  With a complete application and fees

paid Mike Parks motioned for a neg. declaration for the EAF and Ron

McGregor seconded the motion.  All agreed.  The issue of a trailer for

storage currently on the lot will be addressed with the new home

application.   Mike Parks motioned approval of the application as filed

and Ron McGregor seconded the motion.  Agreed.



  1. None


REPORTS:       Reviewed Ron McGregors monthly report of permits.


DISCUSSION:   1. Stephen Long III and son Bill were present to discuss a proposed

landscape nursery on their property at 14235 NYS Rte 12E.  The

size of lot is sufficient and Mr. Long needs to submit a scaled

drawing of the area to be used for the nursery and positions of

greenhouses and parking area.

  1. Cell Tower—Brenda Blask-Lewis, site acquisition consultant

Ms. Brenda presented a review of plans to install a cell tower on the

General Brown School System property located off Cemetery Road

and NYS Rte. 12E.  The site will be near the tennis court with lease

agreement with the school. Upon further information with permits

and leases the application will be presented for review by this Board.


  1. Question was raised as to the town code rules and regulations

regarding fences.  Ron will contact General Code for sample fence

regulations for future discussion and consideration.




Norm Peckham  motioned adjournment at 8:03 PM and  Tim Cerow

seconded the motion.  Agreed.

Next meeting scheduled for July 1, 2019 at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


June McCartin