Organizational Meeting 01/08/2020



The Board Members reviewed and amended the 2020 appointments, salaries,

depositories, official newspaper, etc.   All agreed for the following:

  1. Rename June McCartin registrar of vital records, town historian and records

management officer. Rename Kim Raymond deputy clerk, deputy registrar and

deputy records management officer at $25,200 annually.

  1. Appoint Mark Kellar at $3,250.00 annually which includes constable,


  1. Polling places shall be #1 and #2 Brownville Fire Hall, #3 and #4 Dexter Municipal Building and #5 Pillar Point Fire Station.
  2. The regular meeting of the town board shall be the first Wednesday of each

month unless otherwise designated.  Meeting to be held at 16431 Star School House Road, Dexter, New York at 5:00 PM.

  1. The Watertown Daily Times shall be the official newspaper.
  2. Community Bank of Watertown shall be the official depositories and Website is the Town of
  3. The Town Supervisor shall be named the official investing officer and budget officer for the Town of Brownville, effective 1-1-2020.  The Supervisor shall receive a salary of  $25,000 .  Town Board has reviewed and adopted an investment policy as well as the procurement policy, both of which are on file.
  4. Senior Board Member Kenneth Bates will serve as Deputy Supervisor and be authorized to sign checks or documents in the event the Supervisor is not available or is disabled.
  5. Bowers & Company CPS PLLC will maintain accounting records and payroll at $1500.00 per month.
  6. Reappoint sole assessor Christine Thurston at $29,500 annually for 2020 plus mileage at $.54.5 per mile, term to begin on 10/01/2019 thru 09/30/2025 .
  7. Reappoint Ronald McGregor as Town of Brownville Code Enforcement Officer at $11,450 annually plus $.54.5 mileage.
  8. The rate of highway pay will be $23.40 per hour full time, $18.00 per hour for probation period of six month and part time and seasonal highway help.  12 paid holidays per year, 12 personal/sick days per year, accumulative to 720 hours, 40 hours paid vacation after one (1) year, 80 hours after five (5) years, and 120 hours after ten (10) years, 160 hours after twenty five (25) years.
  9. The Board of Assessment Review shall be chairman Sherman Tucker at $250.00 annually; Ralph W. Skinner II at $100.00 annually; Kimberly Raymond at $100.00 annually; Richard Stevenson at $100.00 annually and Michael Battista at $100.00 annually.  The terms of office shall be:

Michael Battista         term to expire              9/30/2022

Kimberly Raymond    term to expire              9/30/2023

Richard Stevenson      term to expire              9/30/2024

Ralph W. Skinner II   term to expire              9/30/2020

Sherman Tucker          term to expire              9/30/2021

  1. The rate of pay for the Planning Board members shall be $25.00 per meeting and $50.00 per meeting for the Chairman.  The secretary shall receive fifty ($50.00) per month.  In the event no monthly meeting is held, the chairman shall be reimbursed $50.00 per month for his duties as chairman.  The term of office shall be:

Gary Beasley               term to expire              12/31/2024

Norman Peckham        term to expire              12/31/2025

Jeffrey Timerman        term to expire              12/31/2026

Mark Kellar                 term to expire              12/31/2020

Timothy Cerow           term to expire              12/31/2021

Michael Parks             term to expire              12/31/2022

Ronald McGregor       term to expire              12/31/2023

  1. Zoning Board of Appeals Members shall receive $25.00 per meeting and $50.00 per meeting for the Chairman.  ZBA members and terms of office are:

Tana Caprara               term to expire              7/31/2021

Michael Devine          term to expire              7/31/2023

Thomas Sullivan         term to expire              7/31/2024

Robert Zehr                 term to expire              7/31/2020

Michael Finucane       term to expire              7/31/2022

  1. Attendants at the transfer site shall be paid $15.90 per hour, time and a half to be paid for any time over 40 hours per week. Hours of operation shall be Wed. 2pm to 7pm and Sat. 8am to 3pm.
  2. Cemetery laborers shall be paid $15.90 per hour, with time and a half for any hours over 40 hours per week.  Secretary for the cemeteries shall receive fifty ($50.00) dollars per month
  3. Reappoint Dr. Frank Giaquinto as Town Health Officer at an annual salary of $500.00 per year with four year term to expire 12/31/2023.
  4. Appoint Richard M. Parker Court Clerk at $10,250 annually with term 1-1-20 to 12-31-20.  Cindy Parker, Court Recorder will receive $2,860.00 annually.
  5. The Town Highway Supt. is authorized to share Highway Equipment with other Towns and Villages.
  6. Adopt a resolution “Be it resolved that the Town Board does hereby fix the salaries of the following officers beginning 1/1/20 at the amounts respectfully Stated”.

Supervisor Richard D. Lane                                       $25,000

Councilman Kenneth Bates                                        $  3,600

Councilman Albert Roberts                                        $  3,600

Councilman Ronald Tepfenhart                                 $  3,600

Councilman Richard Dodge                                       $  3,600

Justice Justin Brotherton                                            $13,150

Justice Kathy Quencer                                                $14,025

Supt. Roy Gilchrist                                                     $54,000

Clerk June McCartin                                                   $32,300

Tax Collector Brenda McConnell                               $  8,500

Councilman Tepfenhart motioned acceptance of the organizational minutes and Councilman Roberts seconded the motion.  Approved on Jan. 8, 2020.