Planning Board Minutes 3/2/2020

TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                      MAR. 2, 2020 7:00 PM



PRESENT:  Ron McGregor, Mike Parks, Norm Peckham, Mark Kellar, Jeff Timerman,

Tim Cerow, Atty Russell and June McCartin


ABSENT:   Gary Beasley




MINUTES:    No Minutes


CORRESP.     None



BUSINESS:      1. None



  1. Gary Rowe Subdivision – 2 lots – Stone Road

Application received from Gary Rowe to divide 146.39 acres into two

lots which are located off Stone Road, parcel #80.00-1-33.1.  With all

fees paid Tim Cerow motioned for a hearing to be held at 7:00 PM on

April 6, 2020 and Norm Peckham seconded the motion. Agreed.

  1.     Justin Mason Subdivision – 2 lots – Smith Road

Justin Mason submitted an application to subdivide 12.625 acres into

two lots, located off Smith Road, parcel #62.00-1-27.5.  Fees are paid

and Tim Cerow motioned for a hearing to be held at 7:05 PM on April

6, 2020.  Mark Kellar seconded the motion.  Agreed.

  1. Dan Csaplar representing EcoVue Consulting, Peterborough, Ontario

presented an application for a solar array located of NYS Rte 12E and

Butts Road.  The parcel number is 73.00-1-47.1.  There will be no

battery storage and the electric energy will go to National Grid.  The

project has a twenty five year life span.  EAF part I has been

submitted.  Need FAA sign off and County Board review.  Tim Cerow

motioned for the Town to be lead agency and Jeff Timerman seconded

the motion.  Agreed.  Atty. Russell will send letters to other agencies.

A May public hearing may be set if all required documentation have

been received.

  1.   Dollar General Store – NYS 180 – RN District

CGP Acquisitions & Development LLC submitted application for a

Dollar General Store located off NYS 180, parcel #72.00-2-12.2.  The

lot is 184 ft frontage, 272.5 ft. deep and 1.15 acreage.  Variance will

be needed for use as retail store of this size is not allowed in the RN

District.  Also area variance needed for parking, signage and setbacks.

The applicant will review the plans and submit for variances if he

continues with project at this site.





REPORTS:          Reviewed Rons report.


DISCUSSION:   1. Jeff Timerman submitted his resignation from the Planning Board

effective 3/3/2020 for reason of conflict of interest.  Accepted.



Norm Peckham motioned adjournment at 8:10 PM and Tim Cerow

seconded the motion.  Agreed.

Next meeting scheduled for April 6, 2020 at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


June McCartin