TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                      JUNE 1, 2020 7:00 PM



PRESENT:  Gary Beasley. Ron McGregor, Mike Parks, Norm Peckham, Atty Russell

and June McCartin


ABSENT:   Mark Kellar and Tim Cerow


PUBLIC HEARING:  Gary Rowe Subdivision – 2 lots – Stone Road

The notice for public hearing was read at 7:02 PM by Chairman

Gary Beasley.  No one present to speak for or against the

application for subdivision.  Mike Battista represented the

applicant.  Hearing closed at 7:04 PM

Justin Mason Subdivision – 2 lots – Smith Road

Chairman Beasley read the notice for public hearing at 7:05 PM.

No one spoke for or against the proposal.  Hearing closed at 7:07

  1.   Michael Battista represented the applicant.


MINUTES:    Ron McGregor motioned to accept the minutes from the Mar. 2, 2020

meeting.  Mike Parks seconded the motion.  Agreed.


CORRESP.     None



BUSINESS:      1. Rowe Subdivision

Board reviewed the application and complete but for the EAF.

Ron McGregor motioned for a neg. declaration upon receipt of the

EAF.  Mike Parks seconded the motion greed. Norm Peckham

motioned to accept the subdivision upon completion and Ron

McGregor seconded the motion.  Agreed.

  1.         Mason Subdivision

Mike Parks motioned for a neg. declaration to be completed. Norm

Peckham seconded the motion.  Agreed.  Norm Peckham motioned

acceptance of the subdivision upon receipt of the completed

application and Ron McGregor seconded the motion.  All agreed.

  1.        Solar Project

Dan, representing EcoVue updated the Board on the 18 acre solar

project, located off NYS Rte 12E and Butts Road.  He is in the

process of obtaining an easement across the Quencer property.

Screening with natural, native trees are planned for the southern

section of the land.  FAA, Watertown Airport has determined no

hazard. The Board need a decommissioning plan and copy of the

lease agreement.  A public hearing is scheduled for 7:00 PM on

June 16, 2020 upon receipt of needed materials.  Norm Peckkham

motioned for the hearing and Ron McGregor seconded the motion.




  1. Peckham property transfer

John and Cassilda Peckham are transferring property #73.00-2-18

and 73.08-1-39.  With a portion of the property in the Town of

Brownville and the other in the Town of Pamelia Norm Peckham

motioned to concur with the Town of Pamelia and Mike Parks

seconded the motion.  Agreed.

  1.   Steve Massaro Subdivision – 2 lots – Star School House Road

The Massaro application needs a seqr.  Upon receipt of a Seqr. Ron

McGregor motioned for a public hearing at 5:00 on July 6, 2020

and Norm Peckham seconded the motion.  The subdivision is for

18.10 acres to be divided into two lots.

  1.    David Davidson Subdivision – B Adams Road – 6 lots

Application to divide parcel #72.00-1-7.1, 688 acres into 6 lots

located off B Adams Road.  A needed to complete the

application.  Norm Peckham motioned for a hearing at 5:05 on July

6, 2020 upon receipt of Seqr.  Mike Parks seconded the motion.



REPORTS:          Reviewed Rons report.


DISCUSSION:   1. The Board with motion from Ron McGregor agreed to schedule

Planning Board Meetings for 5:00 PM beginning with July 6, 2020

meeting.  Mike Parks seconded the motion.  Norm Peckham

abstained from the vote.



Norm Peckham motioned adjournment at 8:00 PM and Mike Parks

seconded the motion.  Agreed.

Next meeting scheduled for July 6, 2020 at 5:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


June McCartin