Town Board Meeting Minutes 2/3/21

TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                      TOWN OFFICE, LIMERICK, N.Y.

TOWN BOARD                                                         FEB. 3, 2021, 5:00 PM


PRESENT:    Roll call of Board Members:

Supv. Richard D. Lane, Councilmen Ron Tepfenhart, Richard Dodge,

Albert Roberts, Jeff Timerman, Supt. Roy Gilchrist and Clerk June



ABSENT:      No One


MINUTES:   Motion from Councilman Dodge to accept the Jan. minutes as

received and Councilman Timerman seconded the motion.  Agreed.








BIDS:              None



Incoming:  1. Letter from Village of Dexter with notification that if the

Water District 2 water supply line should break the water is

shut off to District #2 until repairs are made.  The Village

has applied for emergency funding for another water supply

line on Grant Street.  As to date the Village has received no

reply.  The Town sent a letter to USDA Rural Development

requesting consideration for this emergency funding.


Outgoing:  1. Letter to Frontier Housing Corporation with Town support

for the application submitted in the amount of $150,000 to

assist property owners with necessary rehabilitation

improvements to their homes.



  1. Planning Board Minutes
  2. Ron’s monthly land use reports
  3.         Copy of transfer site tonnage of refuse and recyclables
  4. Monthly dog report (not available)



  1. Received update on Water District #2 from BCA






  1. Jan. 25, 2021 letter from Conboy, McKay, Bachman & Kendall, LLP

representing Marcus Foulger, 17825 CR 59, Dexter, NY regarding the

right-of-way for the water line to be installed on his property.  Mr.

Foulger has concerns for the health and maintenance of a large tree in

his yard.  Mr. Foulger would like an alternative to trenching across his

property with signed agreement with all parties concerned.


  1. Councilman Dodge motion for resolution #1 of 2021 adopting

provisions of executive order 202.83 suspending the requirements of

renewal applications as a condition to granting exemptions under

Section 459-C and 467 of the real property tax law.  Councilman

Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  All agreed.

Also have copy of letter sent to residents regarding this resolution.


HIGHWAY SUPT.  Supt. Gilchrist reports work crew plowing and sanding.  When not

doing that they are doing maintenance on summer equipment.

Councilman Tepfenhart motioned for Supt. Gilchrist to purchase

insulation and materials to place on the cold storage building with

quote of $11,345 from O.D. Greene.  Councilman Roberts seconded

the motion.  Agreed.

Supt. Gilchrist also request the purchase of cell phones for highway

crew at $119.00 per month for six phones.  This would eliminate

personal cell phone use while on the job and also having contact

with crew.  Councilman Dodge made the motion to purchase the

phones and Councilman Timerman seconded the motion.  Agreed.


CLERK:                   Clerk report for January given.  Councilman Timerman motioned to

                                 accept reports and Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion. 




COUNCILMEN:      Nothing


TOWN SUPERVISOR: 1. The Board discussed the sale of needless town property after

receiving an offer of purchase of part of parcel #73.00-1-69.

This parcel will be a lot line adjustment at a reasonable price

to be determined after more consideration.  Councilman

Dodge motioned to sell the parcel at a reasonable price and

buyer will absorb legal expenses. Councilman Timerman

seconded the motion.  Agreed.


FLOOR:                      No comments





HIGHWAY BILLS:   Board Members reviewed the payables.  Councilman Tepfenhart

motioned to pay the General Bills ($141,687.24), the Highway

bills ($34,532.62) and the water bills ($20,822.59).  Councilman

Dodge seconded the motion.  Agreed.


ADJOURNMENT:    Councilman Tepfenhart motioned to adjourn at 5:30 PM and

Councilman Dodge seconded the motion.  The next town board

meeting has been scheduled for 5:00 PM on March 3, 2021.

Respectfully Submitted