Town Board Meeting Jan. 5, 2022

TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                      TOWN OFFICE, LIMERICK, N.Y.

TOWN BOARD                                                         JAN. 5, 2022   5:00 PM


PRESENT:    Roll call of Board Members:

Supv. Richard D. Lane, Councilmen Ron Tepfenhart, Jeff Timerman, Supt.

Roy Gilchrist and Clerk June McCartin


GUEST:         Mark Kellar Pat Connor and William Pickett


ABSENT:      Richard Dodge


MINUTES:   Motion from Councilman Timerman to accept the December minutes as

received and Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  Agreed.



STATEMENT   Received copy of November financial report.




BIDS:             None



Incoming:  Received notice from Jefferson County Recycling & Waste

Management that the tipping fee rate has increased from $70.00 per

ton to $73.00 per ton effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Outgoing:  None



  1.                    Planning Board Minutes for December
  2. Ron’s monthly land use reports
  3.                       Copy of transfer site tonnage of refuse and recyclables
  4. Monthly dog report not available



  1. Highlander is complete on WD #2. A punchlist of items left to be




  1.         A grant exemption on the 2022 assessment roll will be available to be

adopted by resolution.  The Board agreed to table a decision for next




HIGHWAY SUPT.  Supt. Gilchrist reports crew is plowing, trimming trees and brush.  Also working on maintenance of summer equipment.  The crew has been working for the Village of Brownville on their projects.



CLERK:                      Councilman Tepfenhart motioned to accept the December clerk

report and the annual clerk report and Councilman Timerman

seconded the motion.  Agreed.


COUNCILMEN:        Nothing



  1. The organizational meeting 2022 document was read by the Clerk.

Councilman Timerman motioned to accept the document and

Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  A copy is attached

and on file in the office.


FLOOR:                      Brownville Village Mayor Pat Connor thanked the Board for the

assistance they received this past year from the Town and Thanks

to Roy for the assistance from him and his crew.




HIGHWAY BILLS:   Board Members reviewed the payables.  Councilman Tepfenhart

motioned to pay the General Bills ($70,500.28), the Highway

bills ($27,513.27) and the water bills ($692.18).  Councilman

Timerman seconded the motion.  Agreed.




ADJOURNMENT:    Councilman Timerman motioned to adjourn at 5:20 PM and

Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  The next town board

meeting has been scheduled for 5:00 PM on Feb. 2, 2022.

Respectfully Submitted


June McCartin, Clerk