Major Changes to Enhanced STAR and Senior Exemption Renewals

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For Immediate Release

Major changes to Enhanced STAR and Senior Exemption Renewals

The Town of Brownville’s Assessor’s Office will be mailing out its annual renewals to all Town residents that annually renew their Enhanced STAR and Senior Exemptions.

These exemptions are for the primary residences of individuals 65 years of age or older that meet certain income guidelines.  Due to the changes in NYS Law, all participants must enroll in the State’s “Income Verification Program” (IVP) to be eligible for the exemptions.

Due to changes in New York State Law, residents wishing to continue receiving these exemptions must complete additional paperwork.  Current enrollees in the State’s “IVP” will not receive nor have to complete a renewal.

Those receiving only the Enhanced STAR Exemption, must now enroll in the “IVP” by providing us with the social security numbers on an additional form.  If they do not file NYS or Federal income tax, they must complete a worksheet showing their income. Both of these new forms are included in the renewal mailing.

Once enrolled in the “IVP” participants will no longer need to renew their Enhanced STAR with the Assessor’s Office each year.  NYS Department of Taxation and Finance will determine individual income eligibility each year.

Under the new rules, those also receiving the Senior Exemption must renew for both on separate forms.  Enrollees in the Senior Exemption will continue to renew their Senior Exemptions each year with the Assessor’s Office.

As in previous years, if anyone has any questions or needs assistance completing the forms, they may contact the Assessor Christine Thurston at (315) 639-3037 or stop by the office Monday and Tuesdays 11am until 2pm and Wednesdays 11am until 5pm. These forms have to be returned by March 1, 2019.