Town Board Minutes 05-04-2022

TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                      TOWN OFFICE, LIMERICK, N.Y.

TOWN BOARD                                                         MAY 4, 2022   5:00 PM


PRESENT:    Roll call of Board Members:

Supv. Richard D. Lane, Councilmen Ron Tepfenhart, Richard Dodge, Jeff

Timerman, William Pickett, Supt. Roy Gilchrist and Clerk June McCartin


GUEST:         None


ABSENT:      No One


MINUTES:   Motion from Councilman Timerman to accept the April minutes as

received and Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  Agreed.



STATEMENT   Not Available




BIDS:             None



Incoming: 1. Notice from Jefferson County that the tonnage for electronics

will be $73.00 per ton effective May 1, 2022.

  1. Dexter Volunteer Fire Dept. Inc. & Dexter Historical Society

sent invitation for The Last Station ground breaking on June

12, 2022 at the Historical Society.



  1.                       Planning Board Minutes for April and May
  2. Ron’s monthly land use reports
  3.                       Copy of transfer site tonnage of refuse and recyclables
  4. Monthly dog report





Michael Mitchell, BCA- land surveyor offered a lump sum quote of $1500

to conduct the stake-out in the Dexter Cemetery South lot.     The Board

has previously motioned acceptance for this work.



HIGHWAY SUPT.  Supt. Gilchrist reports the plows are off the trucks.  Crew has

removed trees along CR53 and CR 59. Roy requests the purchase of

an electric valve wrench at $7824.00 and meter box lids @ $4497.50

per 50 as well as meters and antennas for WD#1 @ $58,120.00.

Councilman Timerman motioned to purchase the requested items

and Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.  Agreed.


CLERK:                      Councilman Dodge motioned to accept the April clerk

report and Councilman Tepfanhart seconded the motion.  Agreed.

DeLeea Decker hired as deputy clerk for twenty four hours per

week at $20.00 per hour to begin working May 11, 2022.

Councilman Tepfenhart motioned acceptance of this employment

and Councilman Timerman seconded the motion. Agreed.


COUNCILMEN:        Nothing



  1.            Received SLFRG Compliance Report. The Town intends to

disburse the recovery funds towards the construction and

improvements of infrastructure assets, which includes payment for

wages, supplies and material purchases associated with the replace

of water meters and other projects.

  1. James Gould, newly hired as constable will work 40 hours per

month at $20.00 per hour.  Councilman Tepfenhart motioned

approval and Councilman Dodge seconded the motion.  Agreed.




HIGHWAY BILLS:   Board Members reviewed the payables.  Councilman Tepfenhart

motioned to pay the General Bills ($27,503.76), the Highway

bills ($26,509.74) and the water bills ($40,253.93).  Councilman

Pickett seconded the motion.  Agreed.


Floor:   No One



ADJOURNMENT:    Councilman Pickettt motioned to adjourn at 5:24 PM and

Councilman Timerman seconded the motion.  The next town board

meeting has been scheduled for 5:00 PM on June 1, 2022.

Respectfully Submitted


June McCartin, Clerk