Town Board Minutes 09/07/2022


TOWN OF BROWNVILLE                                     SEPTEMBER 7, 2022, 5:00 PM

TOWN BOARD MEETING                                     TOWN OFFICE, LIMERICK, N.Y.



PRESENT:         Roll call of Board Members:

Supv. Richard D. Lane, Richard Dodge, William Pickett,

Ronald Tepfenhart, Supt. Roy Gilchrist, Kim Raymond, Deleha Decker


ABSENT:          Jeffrey Timerman



GUEST:              Wayne Flath, Jared Flath & Courtney Hughes, Jim Gould, Eric Soluri,

Mike Walroth, Casey Dickinson


MINUTES:        Motion from Councilman Dodge to accept the August minutes as

received. Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion. Agreed.



STATEMENT:  Councilman Tepfenhart motioned to accept the financial statements for

July and August along with the Proposed Budget Modifications for 2022. Councilman Dodge seconded the motion. Agreed.



HEARING:          Councilman Pickett motioned to set a public hearing on October 5th for

a Local Law to establish a moratorium on cell towers. Councilman

Dodge seconded the motion. Agreed.


BIDS:                   Truck with plow equipment:  Beam Mack $ 251,152.00

International $ 235,871.00


COURTESY OF THE FLOOR:  Casey Dickinson spoke on WD #2 updates.  Concerned

citizen requested “No Fishing Off Bridge” signs to be posted on both

sides of the Perch River Bridge located on County Rt. 59.  Concerned

citizen had complaint regarding vehicles parked at intersection of CR

54 and Rte. 12E, would like to see “No Parking Signs” because of

obstruction of view.  Jared Flath spoke on getting power to Star School

House Ext.



Outgoing:  None


Incoming: 1.   Email from Village of Dexter for fall clean up on

Saturday, September 17.  Glen Park cleanup is October 8.

  1.            Audit for Water District #2



  1. Ron’s monthly land use report
  2. Copy of transfer site tonnage (refuse and recyclables)
  3. Monthly dog report not available
  4. Constable report



BUSINESS:              None


NEW BUSINESS:    Councilman Dodge accepted contract for propane at $ 1.89 and

Councilman Pickett seconded the motion.  Agreed.


HIGHWAY               Supt. Roy Gilchrist stated they paved Weaver Rd., Ackerman Rd.

SUPT:                        and Middle Rd. and are working on CR 59 and CR 53.  Auctioned

2-mowers, 2-welders, and pickup truck for total of $ 18,225.00.

Replacing single axle dump truck.


CLERK:                  Councilman Tepfenhart motioned to accept the August clerk

report and Councilman Dodge seconded the motion.  Agreed.


COUNCILMEN:      Councilman Pickett motioned to accept $251,152.00 bid with Beam

Mack for truck with plow equipment.  Councilman Dodge seconded

the motion.  Agreed.



SUPERVISOR:        Councilman Tepfenhart motioned to reappoint Michael Battista to

Board of Assessment Review. Councilman Dodge seconded the

motion.  Agreed.

Councilman Pickett motioned to accept new water billing program

from Edmunds. Councilman Tepfenhart seconded the motion.


Supervisor Lane announced that on September 12th at 10:30AM

there will be a dedication to Samuel Johnson.  The Dexter Bridge

will be named in his honor.



HIGHWAY BILLS:   Councilman Tepfenhart motioned to pay the audited general bills

($31,826.44), the audited highway bills ($223,347.19) and

the water district bill ($147.68). Board members reviewed

and signed the vouchers. Councilman Pickett seconded the

motion. Agreed.


ADJOURNMENT:    Councilman Tepfenhart motioned to adjourn at 5:47 PM and

Councilman Dodge seconded the motion. The next town board

meeting has been scheduled for 5:00 PM on October 5, 2022.


Respectfully Submitted

Kimberly S. Raymond
Deputy Town Clerk